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Covenant's Student Outcomes

Being (Hearts Inflamed)
Authentic FaithStudents will experience a trusting and loving relationship with Christ marked by a primary loyalty to his truth permeating all aspects of life.
Moral ConsciousnessStudents will understand the moral corollary to faith and embody the Christian virtues (faith, hope, love) along with the classic virtues (temperance, wisdom, fortitude, justice).
Aesthetic AppreciationStudents will perceive the beauty and wonder of the natural world (e.g. the arts, mathematics, science, nature) that results in a distinct and sustaining enthusiasm for life.
Historical PerspectiveStudents will discover their faith within the grand scope of God's providential, redemptive work in history and through the church. 
Knowing (Minds Enlightened)
Christian WorldviewStudents will embrace the singular and cohesive impact of biblical truth on human life in contrast to the inadequacy of other worldviews.
Critical ThinkingStudents will exhibit intellectual drive, autonomy and originality through the ability to envision a clear course of gathering and analyzing relevant information toward responsible, powerful conclusions.
Technological ProficiencyStudents will employ the practical and ethical limits of their resources for the effectiveness of their work and flourishing of life.
Life PreparednessStudents will possess a maturing emotional health, self knowledge (aptitude and affinities), personal responsibility, communal awareness, and interpersonal skills that would benefit all their life pursuits.
Doing (Lives Transformed)
Cultural EngagementStudents will participate in the public exchange of ideas, art, and politics while offering redemptive contributions of service through a diverse cultural understanding of society.
Communal PresenceStudents will connect with a loving and diverse community that helps shape and inform their spiritual, academic, and professional trajectory.
Resource StewardshipStudents will order their provisions (time, work, space, natural environment, wealth, possessions, physical bodies, information) in a biblical, life-affirming, and sustainable way.
Effective CommunicationStudents will express the essential meaning and consequences of ideas through visual, verbal, and written modes with clarity and persuasion.