About Covenant

Covenant Christian High School is dedicated to providing an excellent Christ-centered education, equipping students for lives of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Covenant's philosophy of education revolves around mentoring students, challenging them to become life-long learners, critical thinkers, and effective communicators. Covenant strives to train every student not only to understand his world from a Christian perspective, but also to engage that world and impact it for Christ.

Too often, Christian education is equated with being sheltered from the secular world. At Covenant, teachers help students examine all of life—from art to archeology, physics to foreign language, health to the humanities—through the lens of biblical truth. New students are often surprised at Covenant's willingness to examine tough questions and issues sometimes considered taboo. Believing that every detail in our world is designed by God and demands a human response, we challenge students to see how Christ is Lord over all of their studies.

Covenant's prayer is that its graduates will enter the world having had their minds enlightened, their hearts inflamed, and their lives transformed.

School History

In the fall of 1995, fifteen families, one brave principal, seven part-time teachers, and an amazingly resourceful secretary heeded the call of the Lord to begin a Christian high school on the west side of Indianapolis. One year later, a local businessman and devoted grandfather recognized Covenant's potential and made possible a beautiful $8 million facility. The Lord proceeded to fill this building with the finest staff and promising students imaginable. Now Covenant Christian High School is fully accredited with a vibrant student body, dedicated families, a diverse and talented faculty and staff, and a striking campus.

Core Values

  • An unwavering commitment to the Glory of God and exaltation of Christ as king over all things.
  • A unified view of life and the world which abolishes the concept of the sacred and secular, flowing from a genuine understanding of God, creation, man, fall and restoration.
  • A dependence on God's objective revelation to man as found in the holy, inspired and inerrant word of God. The Scriptures are both the only authority for life and faith and the lens through which we interpret the rest of creation.
  • A conviction that there is no conflict between faith and science. Covenant maintains that God has revealed knowledge through creation and Scripture and that both are legitimate sources of knowledge. We believe that the whole curriculum is the study of creation through the lens of Biblical truth.
  • The acceptance of a transcendent and unchanging moral law that is grounded in the character and nature of the holy and triune God. These values run through every part of human life and demand continual response.
  • A belief that aesthetic design permeates every field of study and human action. This beauty must be recognized in all things which increases both our awe and love for God.
  • A belief that the Christian understanding of life gives meaning and purpose to all things; including creation, education, history, suffering, vocation, etc.
  • An understanding that all individuals are created in the image of God and reflect the glory of the Creator in all things. Each person has a meaningful calling in life that becomes clear through teaching, mentoring, and discipleship.
  • A commitment to the mind, the heart, and the life of an individual. All three make up true and living faith. Covenant is committed to an academically rigorous curriculum, founded upon strong relationships between faculty and students, as well as training in the application of truth. We do not teach mere facts but work to integrate the cognitive, affective, and volitional aspects of students as they learn and mature.
  • A dedication to community and cultural engagement in its various forms. CCHS desires to covenant with families, the local church and the surrounding community to impact the world for Christ.